The Book

The Book

To you from afar

Two years ago Anja Rosendahl and the team of her design agency, urged me to go out and make more than just your usual coffee table book. "Write your story!” she insisted. And so I did. This book is about the father who would rather be home for the first birthday of his second son instead of hanging around in a boring hotel lobby during heavy rain in Nice. This book is about the lonely husband who’s only female companion is the Jeane d’Arc on the French postal stamps. But these things really happened. Somewhere out in the world, stuck in some godforsaken place, missing my loved ones, I’d pull out collections and tools that I travelled with to work on my post card art. This TravelBook shows how I started writing old and found postcards to my love back in 1983. We used to travel to Nice in South France for our advertising campaigns due to better weather conditions. Right on my second trip I decided to document my days and adventures. The privilege to live such a life needed to be manifested with rubber stamps. I had them made locally. I fixed the postal stamps mainly on the picture side and added URGENT and EXPRESS stickers to the post cards. Years later our son Cecil received his first post card right after he was born. His very fist rubber stamp was made especially for our first holidays together as a family (he was 6 weeks old): „las primeras vaccaciones de Cecil Maria“ ( the first holidays of Cecil Maria). It was in Spanish as we were heading to the Island of Mallorca.

€ 34.90 German or English edition to order in the bookstore, on Amazon or signed directly with us by email to dagmar@ivovonrenner.com

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This book tells of the vlaue of a happily lived life. Quitely. To you from afar."

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