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If you leave Spain in a southerly direction, a world that has nothing to do with Europe begins. Looking for the unknown, we will create Images here around Marrakech, with people we want to portray or arrange in the surrounding area. In the embers of the midday sun under a tree, in the gardens of a spacious hotel complex or In the desert, we find peace and time, the sun-tanned face of an elderly Moroccan, the youth of his grandson it his donkey or a woman in classic costume too photograph. As with the Lisbon workshop, there is a producer in the team ensurimg a smooth running. A Digital Assistant manages the data and Leica Wetzlar provides  participants a camera for the time of the workshop. Otherwise, we work with little technique and a lot of heart and Ivo imparts all his knowledge and skills. A workshop for photo enthusiasts, professional photographers, experienced amateurs who want to strengthen their creativity and skills in an inspiring team experience. The goals of the Master Class include individually created portraits and other motifs. Marrakech and his surroundings provided us with a unique stage for this. Add to that the experience of learning from and with Ivo in the team. In more than 30 Years as a photographer, he has continued to develop his skills as a team leader and inspiration for other creative people.

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Marrakech visually contaminates in many places still feeling like you're living in a bygone era

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Ivo stays in a hotel where all meetings take place. Two other hotels are offered in other price ranges. The price includes Leica® equipment, transfers at workshop meetings, organization, models, (mMake-up artist if needed) and assistants.

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