Masterclass Portraits in Lisbon

with the Global Leica Akademie

"The first time I toured Lisbon was in 1980 when I instantely fell in love with the melancholy of the city. Of course she has changed since then. But if you take a closer look, the many layers of the centuries of the city’s past can still be found. And to learn how to take a closer look - that's what my masterclass is all about. "
A workshop for photo enthusiasts, professional photographers, experienced amateurs who want to enhance their creativity and skills in an inspirational team experience. The objectives of the Masterclass include custom portraits in and around Lisbon. The city offers a natural stage, beautiful scenery and with their people a fantastic casting. Add to that the team experience with Ivo. In over 30 years as a photographer, he has continued to expand his skills as a team leader and inspiration for other creative people.
At locations in and around Lisbon, the team members will photograph each other and learn to respond to, support or enhance the physiognomic and character traits of the participants. We are inspired by the unique atmosphere of Lisbon. One participant in turn takes one picture at a time, while the other participants help out. The motifs shown here were all created in Lisbon. There is a is a producer with the team, who ensures a smooth process, in case of bad weather or the need to change the location. A digital assistant manages the data and an employee of Leica Wetzlar ensures that no technical question will be unanswered. We work with a little bit of technology, a lot of heart and Ivo will impart all of his knowledge and skills. We all stay together in a nice hotel, found for us by locationscouts.


"Ivo is an inspirational teacher who is passionate about having fun and passion - Ivo turns a photo into a work of art, and he showed me how to do it!

He is also a buddy when traveling as you wish - always in a good mood, always eager to experiment, open to improvisation, models love him, persistent at work, sometimes it's late, but no evening was complete without our fish restaurant next door. We were expected! Like his paintings, Ivo is a total work of art and with Ivo in Lisbon, these are four days' holiday forever!"

Jacob Hartge Entrepreneur

4 days

- timing on request -

An intensive, personally guided masterclass with the

Global Leica Akademie


  Lisbon is the city where melancholy sneaks in the pictures

2.490 Euro

Includes a joint dinner on the first evening, Leica® equipment, transfers, production, models, make up artist and assistants 

Portraits from Lisbon:

Lisbon Portraits Masterclass Leica
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… about Ivo

Ivo lives in Hamburg, Germany though the world has become his extended home. He had hoped on becoming an actor, went on to study art and graphic design and began shooting scenarios with people for magazines. A few years later Ivo was approached by an art director to shoot his Volkswagen Golf in the same manner as he had captured the women for his personal series. People and cars became a big success. As of 1990 he began to shoot for Italy, Austria and Switzerland then the US, Czech Republic, Spain and China.


Day 1

Arrival in Lisbon and get-together for dinner. We already get familiar with the Leica cameras.

Day 2

We meet after the individual breakfast and drive to the first location near the Ponte 25 de Abril, which leads over the Tejo. We breathe the fresh air of the river, one of the participants is made up and we prepare in the early morning light to photograph each other with a Leica. We eat nearby at noon and we discuss the first results as the migratory sun redesigns our background. At the end of the day, we let the eExperiences pass us by again. Local production always makes recommendations for restaurants.  The first day in Lisbon is coming to an end.

Day 3

 A new morning, a new adventure. We are attuned to any weather situation. The sea calls with its surf and the rock lying in the shade. We make a bay in the West our location. Today we will photograph two models in traditional clothing of the fishermen. We see how the make up artist prepares the models. We work our way from the strong shadow to the late backlight by the sea. We learn with the Leica to make little additional technique and a lot of soul extraordinary portraits. Ivo guides each participant to his desired image in a supportive and consultative manner. We end the day with a meal together by the sea.  

Day 4

 In the meantime, we have grown together into a team and leave the hotel together after breakfast to make portraits of us, surrounded by modern Architecture. After lunch, we find ourselves in our workspaces under Ponte 25 de Abril to discuss our results. We end the afternoon with a unique "Creative Crew Shot," which is also completed and printed overnight. The workshop is intended to be an unforgettable learning experience that promises to have a real impact on one's own potential. 

Day 5

Individual departure to the airport.

We recommend three types of hotel categories. Due to weather conditions, the daily routine could change. But we always take extraordinary pictures.

Es werden dreierlei Hotelkategorien von uns empfohlen. Wetterbedingt könnte sich der Tagesablauf ändern. Aber wir machen immer außergewöhliche Bilder.

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