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IVOvonRENNER MasterClass Portrait Workshop with Global Leica Akademie   video

A photo that lives up to the personal image and character of the protagonist - that is our goal for the weekend-long Masterclass Portrait in the Studio.
We make our way from composing the image to the finished portrait with the latest generation of Leica cameras and their advanced technology.
The group consists of 6 participants max. Guided by Ivo von Renner and supported by a digital assistant for the management of the data, a Leica Wetzlar representative will be there for all the technical questions and a make-up artist for the perfect look. The participants should bring one or two extra outfits, if they prefer, to wear in their portrait.
One particular challenge for the participants is that they portray each other. It’s eminent to get to know one another, to be respectful in order to recognize, support and visualize the physiognomic and characteristics of the person being portrayed. In turn, one participant always photographs the other, while the others assist the process.
The location is a 60 square meter studio with a five meter ceiling and light from Briese. It is located south of Hamburg, only two kilometers beyond the city limits in the village of Tötensen. For accommodation, we suggest an inn at the village or a 5-star hotel which can be reached within 15 minutes by taxi.

"Light is not everything. I made a click!"
Micky Rösser media entrepreneur

"A moment that stays. In the truest sense of the word, because spellbound on paper, but also the experience itself."
Jane Novo de Oliveira Feel Good Manager Facebook Germany

"A place full of inspiration"
Arne Westphal Photographer


on request

(first day only)

Please give as a call to arrange a date

Tötensen (near Hamburg)

30 min. from downtown


450,- Euro


Day 1

Saturday 10 am

 Arrival at Studio IVOvonRENNER, get to know each other at light breakfast. Every participant should present 3 to 5 of his favorite shots. We will create and order whom we will photograph first. The challenge of this practice is to dispute with the physiognomy of each participant, his or her perception after the consulting of the make up artist. Thereafter we will wisely select light and background. Besides the working outfit you are wearing it is beneficial to bring your favorite blouse or that specific coat you love so much. There will be a light lunch break and at the end of the day a common in-house dinner. 

Day 2

Sunday 9 am

 We will share breakfast. A short consideration of the previous days work gives us the possibility to rehearse what we have done so far with a different result or to create a totally new Portrait. Very close up or whole-body picture. We will have a lunch break again and tea/ coffee time in the afternoon. At the end of the Workshop when you drive home everyone should have 2 excellent portraits of him/herself plus 2 portraits of the participant you have portrayed - each printed on A3+.


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IVOvonRENNER MasterClass Portrait Workshop   video

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