Teamspirit Filming as We-expierence

Teamspirit is a seminar for a company / team movie and serves the purpose of people enablement and team development.

Participants are encouraged to create and shoot a short film about their work environment. It creates a self-portrayal of the team in the form of an interview film. The tasks change, such as Direction or light between the participants back and forth. Their quick response and overcoming obstacles is challenged playfully.

The participants experience their own position and an extension and change of their everyday working situation. Everyone depends on the other, which leads to an increase in effective cooperation and sustainable community strengthening. The route is the goal.
After shooting, selection and editing via beamer projection, the team achieves a short film lasting several minutes, which of course can also be used for company purposes / content.

Number of participants max. 10 duration 1 day

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"Ivo's passion is people: he radiates an aura that is different from that of" ordinary "people. He has the gift to take people from different cultures and languages on the journey. To himself. In a workshop he leads characters and can create an awareness and clarity about the self and external image. A coherent overall picture: authentic and clear. "

Dr. Fabian Solbach Senior Director Corporate Development cleverbridge AG

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