Creative Crew Shot as high-performing team

Me, you, we on the way to the high-performing team.

In this seminar, the team develops a picture that at first glance is a team photo, a closer look at a journey to themselves and to the team. The seminar leads to the recognition of one's own position in the team. What was previously unspoken becomes a picture. We practice dissolving fears and find the support an individual needs to succeed in a team.

It works with props from a genre that the participants choose according to what best represents them. The "disguise" will lead the participants to a change in the perception of "who am I in this team?" A dialogue emerges of how and where we find the "right" position within the team and image.

Alternatively, an experience can be designed for the team that requires joint effort and creates new perspectives together. Often it is the unusual framework conditions that allow us to discover new facets of ourselves and to develop special skills that we did not know before.
At the finish, there is a team portrait that documents the newly formed togetherness through a lasting experience. The portrait is handed over as print and / or as data to everyone and can also be used for company purposes / content.

Participant + Duration variable depending on request

Orig Portrait Dennis Landau A8434116 crob Kopie.jpg

"Face yourself! With the compassionate support and professional eye of the artist Ivo, the inspiring atmosphere with the contagious spirit of Dagmar, the two have succeeded in creating a new format based on their personalities that gives them joy, focus and success."

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