Stardust Moments as Motivation-Lecture

Stardust Moments is a personal talk on the creative life of Ivo von Renner with images and stories that inspire, amuse and motivate reflection.

A narrated career with the challenges and inspirational human encounters, the growth in team work, the escape from emergency situations, the happy moments at the limits of what is possible to win the ONE photo and how to find the motivation, on ever new paths to search for it.
A look behind the scenes of a creative world opens the view for one's own, inner images that everyone carries within themselves and at best generates a reflection on one's true potential, on the image of others, self-image, the location in the working world.

The lecture is illustrated with the stagings of teams, winning photos and the free art photography, which was created during commissions and travel.

30-minute presentation with beamer presentation.

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